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Luke Air Force Base Criminal Lawyer

Facing criminal charges can make life seem bleak. Trying to understand the process and how to best handle your case, while also dealing with the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of what your future holds is overwhelming, to say the least. A trusted Luke Air Force Base criminal lawyer, like The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC, provides dedicated, personalized support and aggressive legal defense to those accused of a crime.

Criminal Law Attorneys

Any criminal charge can result in serious consequences, even if you are found to be innocent in the end. There is the mental toll itself, stress on family relationships, your employment, and even potential negative health impacts due to stress, on top of facing the charges brought against you. This is a lot for any person to face, but you don’t have to face it alone.

An aggressive criminal attorney, dedicated to defending your rights and working to quickly obtain the best possible results for your case helps to eliminate some of the stress and confusion you are facing. At The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC, our attorney makes every effort to assist you with resuming your normal life as quickly as possible and with as few negative impacts as possible.

Whether you’re dealing with criminal charges related to a DUI, a violent crime, a drug crime, or other felonies, The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is client-focused and results-driven.

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What To Do If You Are Arrested

Being arrested for a crime can be devastating and confusing in any situation. If you are in an altered state at the time of arrest or innocent of any wrongdoing, being detained by the police can be especially traumatic. It is natural to want to verbally defend yourself to the arresting office by explaining your side of the story immediately. However, following these natural instincts is rarely in your best interests.

arrested and in handcuffs

Remember, an arrest does not equal guilt. You are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. It is vital to your freedom that you fully understand all of the charges against you and the penalties you are potentially facing, before you say anything to the police related to the incident in question.

When arrested in Arizona, maintaining a level head and keeping your mouth shut is the first line of defense you have against the charges you are facing. Your Miranda rights, such as the right to remain silent and request the assistance of an attorney, are in place to protect you. Understanding these rights will help keep you from making a misstep early in the process.

  • Stay calm and be polite. It is understandable that most people respond to the police with aggression, especially if you are an innocent party. However, being disrespectful and aggressive, especially in today’s sensitive climate, can have negative impacts on your defense and could even cost you your life. The best thing you can do is try to stay calm and respectfully decline to answer any questions until you are able to speak to our attorney.
  • Invoke your right to remain silent. You have no legal obligation to offer or provide any information or details to the police. Overexplaining and trying to make sure your side of the story is heard can only hurt you at this point. It is vital that you sit and discuss the situation with your attorney prior to talking to the police. Our attorney can help you understand what information helps your case, what information is relevant to the investigation, and help you avoid making incriminating statements or providing inaccurate accounts of what occurred.
  • Meet with your attorney. When first arrested and brought to your local police station, your best use of your one phone call is to reach out to a criminal lawyer at The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC. Your attorney will ask you specific questions, provide advice and answers to your questions, and can reach out to your family to make them aware of the situation. While first instincts may be to call your spouse, a parent, or a close friend, these individuals are not qualified to offer the advice you need to properly handle the situation you are facing. If you feel it is more important for you to use your phone call to speak with someone other than an experienced criminal lawyer, advise that person to reach out to one on your behalf.

Being aware of your rights during an arrest and choosing to exercise them during your interaction with the police can help you to avoid unnecessarily harsh consequences. While vitally important, this is only one part of the equation.

A legal expert dedicated to handling criminal cases like yours can provide experience-based honest answers and wise advice, as well as fierce and dedicated representation. Your Luke Air Force Base, AZ criminal lawyer at The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is dedicated to providing outstanding and effective legal support.

Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer

Experienced in developing and implementing effective defense strategies, The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC personalizes their approach based on the unique aspects of your criminal case in order to achieve your desired results.

criminal lawyersWhile no attorney can ever guarantee a particular outcome for any client or any case, The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC does guarantee that our attorney will be accessible, prepared, and dedicated to using all the resources at our disposal to prove your innocence or reduce your sentence.

Our attorney approaches your criminal defense case with legal resourcefulness, sharp negotiation skills, meticulous insight, and fierce representation. When your freedom, relationships, and reputation are on the line, you need a dedicated, experienced legal partner who is motivated to develop effective methods for your defense. Our job is to not only defend you in court, but to also act as your advisor, ensuring you are informed of all potential outcomes and all processes related to your case. Our attorney gives you the tools you need to make smart decisions for your defense and future.

For a competent and compassionate Luke Air Force Base criminal lawyer that will fight the battle with you as your legal representative and dedicated advisor, The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is here for you!

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Luke Air Force Base Criminal Lawyer joshlopez logo 1 300x66The Luke Air Force Base criminal lawyer at The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is dedicated to obtaining a less severe outcome for your criminal case. Facing large fines or a hefty prison sentence, whether innocent or guilty of the criminal charges brought against you, is potentially devastating to your happiness, health, and livelihood. The goal of The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is to develop a solid, evidence-based defense and provide educated advice throughout the process to minimize the disruption that criminal charges have on your life.

Whether you need an aggressive defender or a clever negotiator, The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is the right legal representative for you. Our sharp defense lawyer is experienced, with the resources needed to provide and deliver on a solid plan of action that is specific to your case, the facts surrounding it, and your desired results.

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