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Forgery is a felony in Arizona. A conviction can lead to harsh penalties and a permanent felony record, which can affect your opportunities years into the future. This is why you must contact our Phoenix forgery attorney at the first sign of trouble to have an aggressive legal representative who can effectively defend you in court.

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The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC specializes in criminal defense with extensive experience dealing with forgery and forgery-related cases. Our defense lawyers are well-versed in Arizona forgery laws and have commendable skills in personalizing defense strategies for every unique case we handle.

There are several types of forgery crimes. You’re maybe accused of using another’s name in signing a document, forging someone else’s handwriting, altering a will, or creating false documents, among others. But regardless of the specific charge that you’re facing, our Phoenix forgery attorney can help make your legal battle easier to navigate.

We will thoroughly review your case and meticulously compile pieces of evidence to strengthen your defense. We will also represent you in every hearing and handle all necessary paperwork. More importantly, our attorney will do their best to prevent your conviction or minimize your penalties as much as possible.

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Forgery in Arizona

When talking about forgery, most people think of illegally signing a document or a check under someone else’s name. But in reality, forgery crimes go beyond that.

According to the Arizona Revised Statute 13-2002, forgery is defined as:

  • Falsely making, completing, or altering a written instrument. Written instruments include stamps, images of value, signatures, and any written document or similar symbol of value or identification;
  • Knowingly possessing a forged instrument (e.g., check, driver’s license, etc.);
  • Offering or presenting a forged instrument.

But the most important element that will classify your crime as forgery is your ‘intent to defraud.’ It will be the prosecution’s responsibility to prove to the court beyond a reasonable doubt that you did the above unlawful acts with the intent to defraud another person.

Typically, the more you have forged documents in your possession, the easier it would be for the prosecution to prove that you intend to defraud. Five is the statutory number of forged documents that lead to the inference of fraud.

Additionally, having forgery tools in your possession is also a crime. These tools can be physical objects you got illegally or used with criminal intent. They can also be intangible, like software, and are created to facilitate the forgery of different documents.

Forgery is a class 4 felony in Arizona. Conviction of this crime can give you a maximum of 3.75 years of jail time. However, the penalties will still vary depending on the unique circumstances in your case.

Legal Representative for All Types of Forgery Offenses

Forgery, like any other crime, should be taken seriously. When you know you’re being investigated for or charged with forgery, call The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC immediately for comprehensive legal assistance.

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Our Phoenix forgery attorneys have years of experience professionally defending alleged forgers. We handle all types of forgery cases regardless of their complexity or unique circumstances. Our knowledge of Arizona forgery laws and experience dealing with the legal system allows us to effectively guide clients on what legal step is the most appropriate to take next.

Rest assured that if you work with our criminal defense lawyers, we can help you achieve the most favorable outcome for your forgery case. Our legal assistance is also available for all kinds of forgery-related offenses in Arizona, such as the following:

Criminal Possession of a Forgery Device

This crime is typed as a class 6 felony. It pertains to the illegal act of making, possessing, or utilizing any tool to forge written instruments or aid another in committing a forgery. If you’re convicted, you may be punished with a one-year prison sentence.

Criminal Simulation

This crime pertains to the act of altering an object so it will look more valuable than its true worth. This forgery-related offense is also a class 6 felony.

Obtaining a Signature by Deception

This involves an individual who obtained another person’s signature by misrepresenting or omitting material facts. Unlike forgery and other related offenses, this one is not a felony. This offense is only a class 1 misdemeanor and is punishable by up to 6 months of incarceration.

Criminal Impersonation

This crime refers to the unlawful act of assuming a false identity or pretending to be a representative of another person or organization in order to deceive. This offense is a class 6 felony.

Identity Theft

This pertains to the taking or using of another person’s identification information without their permission. This offense is a class 4 felony punishable by up to 3.75 years of imprisonment.

No matter what specific charge you’re facing, remember that dire consequences will follow a conviction. This is why having our expert Phoenix forgery defense attorney on your side is crucial to resolve your legal dilemma.

Our Phoenix, AZ law firm will do its best to help you prevent conviction. We might get your charges dropped or prove your innocence by the end of the trial. But if that’s not possible, rest assured that we will also employ the most efficient legal strategy to mitigate your potential punishment.

Penalties for Forgery in Arizona

Being a serious felony offense in Arizona, forgery is categorized as a class 4 felony. So if you get convicted of a forgery charge, possible penalties can include jail time, probation, fine, and community service.

New Jersey Criminal Law AttorneysNaturally, not every case will yield the same sentencing results. The judge will have to consider several factors to arrive at a final sentence. These include the accused’s criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the incident. And in most cases, individuals who have been convicted of a felony before (repeat offenders) will face harsher penalties.

Class 4 felonies lead to a standard jail time of 2.5 years. But the judge can choose to increase or lower this based on the specific circumstances in a case. For forgery, the maximum prison sentence you can get is 3.75 years. The maximum fine is $150,000, and the maximum probation is three years.

There are also instances where forgery crimes are more serious, making them class 3 felonies. This is usually applicable if the forged documents were used to purchase or rent a property for the purpose of holding illegal operations.

Class 3 felonies typically carry a higher standard prison sentence and a higher maximum sentence. Standard jail time is 3.5 years for this type of forgery, while the maximum sentence can go beyond 8 years.

If your case only involves possession of counterfeiting tools, you can only be convicted of a class 5 or class 6 felony. The classification will depend on the items you allegedly possess and any evidence that show they were intended for criminal activity.

Class 5 or class 6 felonies are for forgery-related offenses but are not as severe as actual forgery. Possible penalties for these offenses include prison time between 6 months and 2.5 years. Class 5 felonies also typically incur fines from $2,500 to $150,000. But possession of forgery tools doesn’t usually require the maximum fine.

Effective Defense Against Forgery and Related Crimes

If you’re being charged with forgery, the best thing to do is work on your defense as soon as possible. And while you can technically do this independently, you’ll have a better chance at clearing your name if you work with an expert Phoenix forgery attorney.

We understand every nuance in Arizona forgery laws and have navigated the state’s legal system for many years. Regardless of the incident’s unique circumstances, our attorney can provide legal counsel to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.

After thoroughly examining your case and gathering evidence that can help defend you, we will tailor a defense strategy specific to your situation. As much as possible, avoiding a conviction is our end goal. But if the evidence presented by the prosecution won’t make that possible, we will strive to reduce your penalties to the minimum.

Depending on the available facts in your case, the following defenses can be used by our criminal defense lawyer:

  • You have no intention to defraud anyone.
  • You got permission from the owner of the check/document to add the owner’s signature.
  • You didn’t know that the written instrument was forged during the incident.
  • Your Miranda rights were violated.
  • There were forensic flaws during the investigation of your case.

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As soon as you know you’re involved in a forgery case, work with an experienced, proactive, and dedicated criminal lawyer right away. And The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC is one of the best legal teams you can have in Arizona!

Our knowledge of the state’s forgery laws and glowing records of cases we won can assure you that we will handle your case with equal skill and keen attention to detail. We are a team of certified and licensed law practitioners who specialize in defending alleged criminals facing charges of varying intensity—forgery being one of them.

We are passionate about helping you protect your rights and keep your criminal record as clean as possible. It is always our goal to avoid any of our client’s convictions. But if the prosecution has a strong case, and a conviction is unavoidable, rest assured that our forgery attorney will do their best to mitigate your penalties to the minimum.

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