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Phoenix Fraud Attorney

Criminal Law AttorneysYou may not be guilty of fraud-related crime, but if you are already charged with it, it can damage your reputation and relationships. So before the mere allegation leads to a life in prison, a huge loss from your bank account, ruined relationships, and stained reputation, work with an expert fraud attorney immediately.

If you’re aware that you are being investigated for fraud, it is highly important to have someone with deep legal knowledge by your side. Here in The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC, we have a team composed of experienced fraud defense attorneys who can help you strategize to win your case.

Our years of service in Phoenix, Arizona, made us a reliable name when it comes to fraud defense. We have successfully defended numerous clients in the past, dismissing their cases, reducing their charges, and cleaning their names.

The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC promises to listen to your side, assess your situation, and look for the most effective way to resolve your case. With us, you can be confident that all your rights will be protected and that our lawyers will stop at nothing to give you a favorable result.

Call The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC at (480) 630-1143 for a free initial consultation with our fraud attorney now!

What is Fraud in Arizona Law?

Phoenix Fraud Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165Generally, fraud can be defined as material misrepresentation or failure to disclose a material fact to lead a person into giving up something with value. Fraudulent behavior is considered as the intentional deception of other people that causes them to suffer from a loss. Since this crime is often committed in the business field, fraud is considered a white-collar crime.

Under Arizona law, fraud is a serious offense and can lead to harsh punishments and life-altering consequences. Moreover, if you are facing a charge for fraud that is considered a federal crime, you could be against the prosecution from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These prosecutors are known not to have a soft spot for fraud defendants, making it more imperative for you to hire a fraud attorney.

Effective Defense for All Fraud Charges

Phoenix Fraud Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205Here in The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC, we walk our talk. Having a team with expert defense attorneys specializing in fraud cases, we can guarantee you a service that produces results way better than all other legal service providers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our fraud attorneys will set a defense strategy that will effectively churn out satisfactory results no matter the case. Our services will prove very helpful in the following cases and more:

1. Bank fraud. This type of fraud may involve fraudulent deposits, forgery of bank documents, and the use of wrong information for loan applications.

2. Credit card fraud. This type of fraud is committed when there is someone who used a person’s credit or debit card without authorization. This fraud is common with identity theft as well.

3. Wire fraud. This type of fraud involves the use of electronic media, including email, text, fax, social media, or phone calls, to acquire money based on false promises.

4. Insurance fraud. This type of fraud includes filing false claims, using other people’s identity to file claims, increased billing for services that you did not provide, etc.

5. Mortgage fraud. This type of fraud includes the use of false information such as an inflated income, incorrect employment data, and misrepresenting appraisal values for loan applications to obtain a better mortgage loan.

6. Medicare or Medicaid fraud. The most common examples of this type of fraud are billing for unprovided services, administering unnecessary tests, upcoding, kickbacks, and unbundling billing to charge for more procedures.

7. Securities or investment fraud. This type of fraud can take the form of insider trading, mutual fund fraud, and other types of fraudulent behaviors that affect the commodities market.

8. Real estate fraud. This type of fraud includes the fabrication of employment history or records, forgery of deeds, predatory lending, etc.

9. Tax fraud. This type of fraud includes claiming deductions you do not qualify for, under-reporting or falsifying income, undisclosing of assets, and claiming personal use of funds as business expenses.

10. Telemarketing fraud. This fraud typically involves scams such as charity scams or pyramid schemes over the phone and attempting to solicit sensitive information from victims, such as their Social Security numbers or bank account details.

11. Identity theft and fraud. Identity theft commonly involves the fraudulent practice of obtaining other people’s personal or financial information for your gain.

Whichever case you find yourself in, rest assured that our fraud defense attorneys have both the legal knowledge and real-life experience to represent you in every step of the necessary procedure.

Dependable Phoenix Fraud Attorney

Phoenix Fraud Attorney phoenix criminal law bw slider 300x161The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC has a team who expertly handles white-collar crimes, especially fraud cases. Our defense attorneys have established the reputation as the go-to legal service provider for anyone charged with fraud anywhere in Phoenix.

Throughout the years of our service, we have never left a client rotting in jail for a crime fully manageable with just enough knowledge and skills. As the testimonies of all our clients go, we are the legal partners you can freely talk to with the full confidence that all your information will be kept confidential and that all your rights will be protected and exercised.

So if you find yourself being charged with fraud, call no one else but the best fraud attorneys in the locality. Contact The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC today!

Our hotline is always open, and our legal experts are always ready to listen. We will answer all your questions and, once you start working with us, make sure that all legal steps you will take will put your interests forward.

Get Your Free Consultation!

Phoenix Fraud Attorney joshlopez logo 300x66Allegations of fraud, no matter how wrong, can still damage your reputation and ruin both your business and personal relationships. The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC doesn’t want that to happen. So before everything starts falling apart, contact us as soon as you know you’re being investigated.

Call The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC at (480) 630-1143 for a free initial consultation with our Phoenix fraud attorney now!