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Phoenix Probation Attorney

Phoenix Probation Attorney Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205For first time offenders in criminal courts, probation is a desirable alternative to serving jail time. With probation, a defendant has the opportunity to serve his/her sentence outside of prison, obtaining some sort of freedom even after conviction. However, the moment you do something that can violate your probation’s terms, it is crucial to work with a probation attorney immediately.

If you are notified of any violation in Phoenix, Arizona, our defense lawyers here in The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC are ready to take every necessary legal action to protect you. With us, you can rest assured that we will clear any wrongful violation accusation. We will also vigorously defend your name to not get you sent back to jail, prevent larger fines, avoid stricter probation terms, and cut down additional community service hours, among many others.

Our probation attorneys know that the last thing you want is to ruin your shot at a normal life outside of jail. So before that happens, acquire our help today.

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Probation Violations

Phoenix Probation Attorney Canva Golden Hammer and Gavel 300x165A judge may impose probation if you are convicted of a crime. This will effectively suspend your jail sentence, letting you live a normal life while adhering to the terms of probation provided by the court. If you successfully abided with these terms by the end of your probation, you will then be free to continue with your normal life.

However, violating the terms of your probation will require you to appear before the court again. During this time, you will likely face additional legal penalties.

The common types of probation violations are the following:

1. You committed another criminal offense while still on probation.
2. You are associated with other criminals.
3. You spent time in locations the judge prohibited you from going.
4. You were unable to check in with your probation officer.
5. You missed your scheduled appearance before the court.
6. You didn’t undergo the regular drug testing required by the judge.
7. You haven’t paid the court fee, fines, and other forms of restitution.
8. You did not comply with a court order.
9. You used, possessed, or sold illegal controlled substances.
10. You consumed or possessed alcohol.
11. You travel outside of the area limited by the probation order without prior approval from the court or probation officer.
12. You removed any monitoring device.

If a violation were charged against you, serious consequences would await. So before you are forced to go back to jail or pay an even larger amount of fines, contact our probation attorney today.

All our defense lawyers know how to properly address every legal concern that you have. We guarantee that we won’t stop until we can help you avoid a grave probation sentence or unfair jail time.

Consequences of Probation Violation

New Jersey Felony DefenseAs much as probations are favorable for defendants, courts are also in favor of giving probations to avoid jail overcrowding. This is also a way for them to inflict punishments without necessarily subjecting you to a harsh life behind bars. However, once the set guidelines are violated, penalties are expected to be heavy.

Depending on the severity of your probation violation, different penalties will be imposed upon you. Some of these consequences are the following:

1. Strike. This is often given if the act of violation is minor. Your bad behavior is noted, and you’ll be provided with a second chance to make better life choices by your probation officer. However, a minor penalty like this can only be given if the probation office won’t immediately notify the court of your mishap.

This is one more reason why you should keep a good relationship with your probation officer. It could be one way to reduce the penalties of minor oversights. A minor penalty like this is only possible if the probation officer refrains from immediately notifying the court.

2. Probation revocation. This consequence will initiate the legal process indicate in Rule 27.8 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. The court will then conduct a thorough investigation of your actions to choose the appropriate punishment to give you.

3. Instant jail time.

4. Reinstatement of the original sentence. If you violate the terms of your probation in a major way, there will be a long process that will likely lead up to this penalty. This is one more reason why you should hire a probation violation attorney to represent and defend you as soon as possible.

Legal Procedure After Probation Violation in Arizona

Criminal Law AttorneysAs stated in Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, after you violated your probation, a Revocation Arraignment will be put to action. This is where you will meet the assigned judge, and he/she will notify you of your violations. Depending on your response, a violation hearing will then take place if you denied any violation or if your admission was rejected.

After 7 to 20 days, the court will hold the hearing and assess the charges of your probation violation. Different parties will present evidence of violation during this hearing to help the court clarify the situation.

Following the violation hearing is the disposition hearing, which is where the court will decide whether you broke a condition or a regulation. Identifying the right type of case is crucial since penalties differ between the two. However, this part can be eliminated from the probation violation legal process if you admit to making the violation or if the result of the violation hearing is clear enough to determine the type of violation.

During the whole process, it is important to have an expert probation attorney beside you. That way, you can ensure that all the legal steps you’ll be taking will be beneficial in acquiring a favorable result for your case.

Committed Phoenix Probation Attorney

Phoenix Probation Attorney phoenix criminal law bw slider 300x161The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC has long been serving the people of Phoenix. We have studied and put to heart the Arizona law, especially if it deals with criminal charges and probation regulations. That way, we can assure you that whenever you’re accused of violating your probation, we can step right in and defend you before the court.

The moment you are notified of a violation, do not hesitate to contact one of our probation attorneys. Our Phoenix team is licensed and trained to fight for your probation violation battle with a zealous attempt to lower your penalties.

Our legal service history consists of nothing but satisfied clients and numerous referrals. Throughout Arizona, our firm is known to house the most undisputed defense attorneys when it comes to a case of probation violation.

With The Law Office of Joshua A. Lopez, LLC, you can have a legal partner that will walk you through the process, legally educate you, guide you on making the right decisions, and effectively reduce the consequences of your violations. Our mission is to keep you away from jail, prevent grave probation restrictions, and avoid hefty sum of fine payments.

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Phoenix Probation Attorney joshlopez logo 300x66Probation is already a chance at a better life, which you shouldn’t throw away. That is why we understand if your violations are mere false accusations or reckless, unintentional behaviors. Regardless, it is our duty to help you dodge the cold bullet of severe penalties. So, don’t hesitate to talk.

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